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Note: This is a "beta" version of this page set up at this time to check links, etc. If you are interested in participating in this program when it becomes available, please use the contact page to express your interest, and we will contact you when the program is up and running.

This page is used for submitting a song to our "Songspector" program. Submissions are open for 24 hours only, the first day of every month, starting at 12:01 AM, Eastern Time. Once we have five songs or more "in the hopper," we will stop accepting submissions. We will then audition each song in the order in which it came in until we find two that show potential and which we believe we can review fairly. We will notify you by e-mail if your song has been accepted for review.

If we audition a song and feel that we can't review it fairly for any reason, we will notify you of that as well so you know not to keep resending it. This is not a judgment on your song. In most cases, it is only an admission that we know so little about some genres that it wouldn't be fair to make suggestions that might hurt more than they help. For a description of the kinds of songs that I feel generally competent to review, check out the Music Paul Likes page. Eventually, I hope to add other qualified reviewers to this program, who have experience in other genres, but for now you're stuck with me.

Note: Before this page will do you any good, you need to sign up for membership in forum and other programs. Note: Any "signups" or attempted submissions with fake or incomplete information are automatically deleted on our end even if the system allows you to submit the form. Your information will never be shared, but this keeps me from wasting time on people who don't really want honest communication.


To submit a song for review, you need to:

  • Have a recording of the song, even if it's only you and the guitar or some such, enough to give me an idea of how the lyrics fit to the melody. The song does not have to be "finished." If it has promise, we'll work with what you have.
  • Put the song somewhere where I can hear it or download it. That includes a downloadable mp3 on your site, YouTube, or SoundCloud or the like. Be ready to send me the URL for the mp3 file or the YouTube or SoundCloud page where I can hear it. Do not e-mail me the mp3 file, or send me to a web page where I can download it - there's too much potential for viruses that way.
  • Have the lyrics in a file so you can cut and paste them into the following form. I don't need to see sheet music or chords or the like. If you HAVE a lead sheet or some such, and you want to share it, put in PDF format and provide the URL where I can download it.
  • Fill out the following form completely.

When you submit, you do not have to pay anything.

Next, use the form below to submit your song (maximum of two per month, please).

I'll contact you by e-mail to let you know if you made it into this month's queue, and to verify your information. If you don't hear from me at all, that probably means there were a lot of people in the queue ahead of you.

Submission Form - Use the following form to apply for a place in the "queue" for this month's submissions.

Have you signed up for the Songwranglers Forum using the Forum Signup page? (If not, please go do that and come back. Folks who submit here without signing up and providing complete, real information in the Forum Signup page are automatically deleted without notice.)

First Name

Last Name

Your email address
Your nickname in the Songwranglers Forum
Song Title (required)
URL of the MP3 or its location on YouTube or SoundCloud (we can not accept the URL of a privately-owned web site)(required)
URL of any PDF you would like to include (optional). Lead sheet, Lyric Sheet, etc. Please don't bother sending links to PR materials - we won't look at them.
Your Music Web Page (if you have one)
Your Facebook/Band Musician Page (if you have one)
Your Facebook Page (if you do not have a Musician/Band Page)

Please type or "cut and paste" your lyrics here. (Required)
If the line breaks disappear, please reinsert them manually.

Please enter any additional comment(s) here.

How I'll Get Your Feedback Back to You - I will e-mail my comments directly to you.

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