Apply to Join the Songwrangler™ Team

Note: Reading this page carefully and agreeing to all of its provisions is the first step to registering to join the Songwrangler community.

How Do You Become a Member of the Team?

You apply, and you pay (a little), you promise, and you introduce yourself.

As you read the following and you go through the process, you may feel that you're "jumping through hoops" to get signed in. Sorry about that. Part of that is that the software I'm using is clunky and things aren't as "seamless" as I would like them to be. But part of it is that I have a lot of experience running Internet forums, and I've discovered that when I do all the hard work of getting people into the system, a lot of folks who have no intention of actually participating sign up, then just uselessly bloat the membership rolls, or worse yet, act like jerks or try to sell fake Canadian pharmaceuticals or the like.

For that reason, the application process is largely "self-service," but we will take it seriously, once you've done your part. If you're serious about improving your songwriting and helping other folks improve theirs, you'll get in.

We realize that having the application process a little complicated may keep out some folks who would consider joining, including some folks who would probably make a worthwhile contribution. But it pretty much guarantees that everyone who gets in will have a safe place to share, to support others, and to go for support. And that's the most important consideration. I'd rather have twelve members I trust implicitly than a hundred or a thousand I can't really be sure of.

If you have trouble applying for membership, please use the contact page and I will try to walk you through it. I will not, however, bypass the application procedure for you unless your credentials rival, say, Jimmy Webb, Paul Simon, Billy Joel, or Willie Nelson.

You Apply - Your application gives us real information about yourself, including short essays on what you hope to get out of your membership and what you hope to contribute to the team. For the team to be successful, we need to be able to trust each other fully, and that means admitting only people who are transparent and truly interested in what we do. Except for the nickname you choose when you sign up, your information will never be visible to non-members, and only your name and website information will be visible to other members. But as chief administrator of the site, I need to know who our members are. You know who I am, after all.

In addition, any applicant is under the age of 18 must also "share membership" with a parent or legal guardian who will have access to any interaction shared on the forums.

You Pay. A dollar a month for the first year, and a little more after that, depending on your level of participation (high participation = lower expense). There are two reasons for this.

  • Initially, it keeps hurtful people and bots out of the system. People (or bots) who are only interested in trolling, spamming, and scamming never pay for anything if they can help it.

  • Secondly, as the fees for non-contributors rise, it will filter out folks who don't really want to be part of the team.

Members who join before September 1 will receive a reduced introductory rate as follows: $1 a month for the first year, $5 a month for the second year, and $10 a month from then on. But don't panic! There are rebates for folks who actively participate that can keep the cost of membership as low as zero in the second and following years. When minors wish to sign up the parent or legal guardian is responsible for membership fees.

You Promise to be a good citizen. That includes being positive, thoughtful, helpful, honest, and courteous, and promising not to steal other people's song ideas, or practice any form of predatory* behavior on or off the forum (that's one reason our membership requirements are stringent).

It also means you are promising to thoughtfully review other Songwranglers' songs and not just dump your material on the rest of us without reciprocating.

You Introduce Yourself. Once you have login information, you log into the site and introduce yourself on the private part of the forum. We will then "toggle" you from "newbie" to "full member."

What if You Don't Want to Sign Up? That's fine, you'll still be able to read most of our online resources and the public parts of the Songwranglers discussion forum.

Okay, I'm Ready. What do I do Next?

Here's the tricky part. You need to open TWO windows in your browser and keep them open until we tell you to close them. In most browsers you do that by hovering over the link and selecting "open in new window" or some such.

The first link will take you to the signup form where you enter your information. The second link will take you to a page where you sign up for PayPal to automatically withdraw your membership fee every month

Once you have both windows open, please fill out the application form except for the "Captcha" line. Do NOT hit submit until you've done the next bit.

Next, fill out the Membership Fee Subscription Form and hit the payment button. You'll be taken to a popup window that has a Confirmation Code.

Enter the Confirmation code into the "Captcha" line. Then hit submit. If you left out a required field, or anything like that, it will prompt you for the additional information. You may have to enter the Confirmation Code again.

Once your application has been submitted, you may or may not receive an e-mail that you have to click to verify that your e-mail works. Then you should receive an e-mail with your system-assigned password that you can use to log in.

*Predatory behavior includes, but is not limited to, using false identities, "song-sharking," offering "services" that we haven't approved, trolling Songwrangler team members on or off the site to sell services or to make harmful posts, and establishing relationships with younger team members for potentially illicit purposes. All of these will get you permanently banned from the site (with no refund of fees, by the way). That last one may also compell us to contact your local law authorities. Return to the text.

Membership Standards - This forum is restricted to members who wish to write better songs and to help other members write better songs. In the interests of creating a "safe space" for the kind of intimate sharing this sort of effort requires, we enforce the following Membership Standards, to which you must agree as part of the application process.

Note: The following list prohibits many things that have never actually happened on our sites (yet), but we want to be sure everyone understands the rules going in.

By applying to join the Songwranglers(tm) team, you agree that:

  • You will use your real name and contact information throughout the application process. (Discovering later that you did not will get you banned from the forums immediately and permanently.)
  • You will be honest but kind and courteous in your feedback.
  • You will accept criticism graciously, even if you don't agree with it. (Practice saying, "Thank you for taking a look; I'll keep your comments in mind.")
  • You will not steal other people's songs or hooks or original song ideas.
  • You will not accuse other people of stealing your song if they happen to write about love or trucks or puppy dogs or some other broad topic that YOU'RE also writing about.
  • You will not present other people's material as your own.
  • You will not attempt to sell services that we have not approved to members on or off the list. This includes attempting to recruit members into other programs without express permision of the Administrator. (Ask us first - if it's worthwhile, we'll recommend it!)
  • You will not attempt to establish a relationship with underage members for illicit purposes. (This one not only gets you kicked off the forums; it triggers a call to your local law enforcement.)
  • In case of a dispute between members, all judgments of the Administrator are final.
  • You indemnify the Administrator, the Moderators, and the rest of the members of this group against all threats of lawsuits or other legal action arising from perceived threats to your intellectual property.
  • You will notify the administrator immediately of any rude, bullying, or suspected unethical behavior on the part of any other member. (We may not be able to act immediately without proof, but if multiple people complain about the same behavior from the same person, we WILL act.)
  • You understand that if you violate the above Membership Standards, you may be subject to immediate, permanent suspension of privileges on this forum, without recourse or refund of any fees paid. In the case of unethical behavior, we will also warn the other people in our network about your activities. All judgments of the Administrator are final.

I agree to abide by all of the Membership Standards in the above list.
Note: If you can not wholeheartedly agree to all of the Membership Standards in the above list, please close this browser window now. If you understand and agree to all of the Membership Standards in the above list, please click the button below to proceed.

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Paul Race playing a banjo. Click to go to Paul's music home page.Whatever else you get out of our pages, I hope you come away with some great ideas for "sharing the joy."

And please stay in touch!

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